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Heimaey Island, Westman Islands Group
The layers of volcanic “growth” are clearly seen along the black beaches of Heimaey Island.
Mother Earth is constantly giving life into new areas. In November of 1963, she gave birth with a colossal “bang” and puff of smoke to Surtsey – a modern day dragon that within a thousand days rose above the level of the sea. Now on the Unesco World Heritage List – it is prohibited to visit the island unless one is part of a scientific expedition. Surstey has been designated to serve as a petrie dish to how life starts fresh from the sea. The island can be seen in the distance from this shoreline – featured right of center in this image.

Stop. Observe. Instead of rushing everywhere, slow down and look deep inside the neighborhood that encompasses you. Behold the season, colors, dirt, light, sun, sky, rocks, flowers and birds. From the almost undetectable shadows to the vast panoramic mountain vistas, nature has provided a wonderment of life that we need to appreciate, admire, understand and protect. As a photographer, I simply try to capture and share it through the lens of my camera.

Photographs really do speak a thousand words. I hope that the collage of photographs you see in my collection help you to listen and appreciate your surroundings, while understanding the unique fragility and beauty that exists within them.

Safe journeys,

Cheryl Goodwin
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