Summit of Cotopaxi

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Being born and raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains of Canada, Cheryl always admired the natural beauty of her surroundings. Winning her first photography contest at the age of 13, she began to experience the joy of sharing her work with others.

Over the years Cheryl has experienced a life as diverse and unconventional as her images. From the corporate jungles of cities to remote backcountry huts; she is always keen to take advantage of the beautiful vistas through the lens of her camera. Currently sharing time between the foothills of Alberta and BC's Columbia Valley, Cheryl feels very blessed to be encircled by the natural beauty of her surrounds and the wonderful people that share her "backyard".

Over the past thirty years, she has had the good fortune to travel throughout the globe. By exploring these new environments while carrying her camera gear in her backpack, she has come to appreciate the diverse cultures and landscapes our home planet has to offer.  

As an accomplished public speaker, Cheryl finds great joy in sharing her love of adventure and wanderlust through travel and motivational speaking engagements.

Combining extensive travel with interests ranging from flying to sailing, climbing to scuba diving, motorcycle riding to skiing - she finds there are always opportunities to stop and capture a moment with her camera.

Whether it is a photograph of your favourite mountain or the sun setting on an ocean backdrop, Cheryl welcomes the opportunity to share her images with you. 

Safe journeys!
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